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We have all been to a store and seen a parent shouting at their kid because the child wants something and maybe will not let up. This is a large do not do for parents. It is a bad guide for children in how to manage their anger. Anger management for parents is a must; parents are role models for their children. When you lose your temper you are almost always on the losing side, especially when it comes to children. We realize it is very stressful and it is easy to become angry after you have been irritated. This is why you should read some of the anger management articles.

We want our children to follow the good examples we set. Children often do not understand the difference between a good and bad example they will blindly follow you. Parents that shout at their children are not providing a good example and this example will only follow along through the child's life. At extremes it can possibly even become traumatic for the child.

A calm house is generally a happy environment for children. A calm house is where people are always on their best behaviors; exert lots of love, and as have great care for the children. Fights between parents must happen behind closed doors where children are not there to observe. Arguments will always happen there is often no way around that, but please be out of sight and hearing for the children.

As parents we cannot teach proper anger management principles for children if we cannot follow the same principles for ourselves. As parents we must know, practice, and perfect our anger management techniques.

In today's environment where normally both parents have full time jobs, many of which are very stressful, it is very easy to take out our stress once we get home from work. As parents we need to realize that we must attempt to leave all stress and problems at the office. When we arrive home we want to show a calm and happy face to the children.

Also as parents we need to be on our children's side. They may have problems that we do not feel are important, but they're important to the children. If we do not address their problems and treat them as serious as the children do we may some day wake up to find that our child has grown rebellious and out of control.

We need to be a friend to our children and be a good example for them. Bickering at them constantly because we have other stress in our lives is not good.

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