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Everybody has moments where they feel anger that makes it a common emotion for men to experience. From person to person though the level of anger may not be the same. Often some people will feel angrier about a certain situation than another person would. Also people tend to not handle anger in the same ways, and releasing the anger differently. Frequent anger that becomes destructive can be an immediate danger to yourself and others. If this is the case than you may want to seek some help for your anger management.

We need to identify if you are exaggerating your anger unnecessarily. Before seeking help you may want to take a look at some self-help materials to see if you can find some tricks or techniques to anger management to help yourself. If those anger management self help techniques fail then it is time to seek help.

Try to measure how well you handle your anger with some of these listed signs:

You seem to always become frustrated easily.
You become angry and impatient while waiting in lines.
You lose control easily at any given situation
You find it hard to make amends with people that have caused you to become angry.
You are easily frustrated with yourself when things do not go as planned.
You speand time thinking about people that have made you angry for the day.
You call other’s names when they don’t complete a task properly like ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid’.
You can still think of past experiences where people have made you angry.
You abuse substances (drugs and alchol) when you are angry.
People that know you avoid you.
You tend to always want to get even with people that have caused you anger.
People tend to get intimidated of you every time you become angry.
You use a lot of words that are offensive to people that make you angry.
Family members or friends have suggested that you might have problems with anger.
Have you hurt people physically when they have made you angry?
You often have numerous arguments going on with friends and family members.
Is your social life affected because of your rage? Affected negatively?
Have you considered killing yourself or someone else?

If you are or have experienced some of these situations than it may be time for you to find somebody that can help you. Keep in mind anger happens to everybody but the way you handle that anger can lead to serious problems.

Never be embarrassed to admit that you may have problems with managing your anger.

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