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Almost all anger management books will teach you a few ways that are helpful in managing your anger so that it does not become destructive and maybe will become positive. In this article on anger management books we hope to teach you some ways that you can manage your anger by knowing the signs of anger.

If you can identify the signs of anger you have a many good advantages. The first sign is awareness that you are becoming angry. The second is knowing how and when to control the anger once you’ve reached that previous level of awareness. The third is making sure that there are no feelings of regret if you did give in to your anger.

Here are some additional signs of anger:

Voice Pitch and Tone - An angry person tends to increase the pitch of their voice. That means their voice will sounds higher. Also their voice tends to become louder. When a person is angry they often don’t realize that they are exhibiting these two signs. The opposite of this is intimidation by silence.

Tightened Fists – One of the easier signs to notice when somebody is becoming angry is there is a tendency to clench the fists up like they are going to punch. Make sure you take control of yourself and do not give a blow to someone or something because of your anger.

Tightening of the Body – When getting angry not only do the fists tighten up but also other muscles of the body will build up tension. This is a very easy sign to see on anybody and is easy to identify. If you feel your body tightening up try and loosen your muscles, breath deep and very slow. You can even try to shake your body as if you experienced a chill.

Face Color Change – When somebody becomes angry his or her face has a tendency to become flush. This is because anger causes your blood to circulate through your body faster than what is normal. Try to maintain your cool to appose this, maybe even practicing your poker face in the meantime.

Clenched Jaw / Grinding Teeth – Besides your body and fists your jaw can also become tense when you are angry.

If you notice all of these signs, there are more if you are very observant, all have one important quality, they can be controlled. It only depends on how much effort you want to put into controlling your anger.

I believe the one of the best ways to control your anger is through deep inhaling and exhaling. Breathing helps you take control over your body and it will also help you to relax. You can even try the method that is normally taught to children and that is by counting from one to ten.
If none of these methods work to help you control your anger maybe it is best to just think of the consequence of your actions if you do become angry.

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